Interesting links

Below are some links to interesting articles which examine what impacts a windfarm can have on the environment and the local economy of an area.



An independent analysis by a respected economist shows that the claimed benefits of this scheme to Rannoch are greatly overstated by the applicant whilst the real costs are ignored.  The net effect on the Rannoch economy would actually be strongly negative.
Here is the link to this analysis.

An excellent Blog by Alan Sloman on the visual impacts of the scheme

Link to the developers planning application documents

Article about building wind turbines on peat

Article about the effects on wildlife

This shows the base which is left buried forever

An interesting blog from a student about where the raw materials for the manufacture of wind turbines come from

Another article about the raw materials needed to build turbines

Toxic wind turbines?

Here is a link to pictures showing construction, but look at the other pages on this website about environment, wildlife, scenery, safety etc.

Protect Wild Scotland article and links

A few surveys have been conducted about the impact of wind turbines on tourism, and links to these are provided below.

literature review  [.doc, 118 kB]  prepared by The Tourism Company for Anglesey County Council brings most of this information together (the parts which relate to surveys in Scotland are highlighted in red)

A tourism survey conducted by YouGov for the John Muir Trust

An article about the impact of windfarms on tourism by MCofS

Full tourism survey conducted by The Mountaineering Council of Scotland

Visit Scotland admits wind farms could harm tourism

An article about Community Benefit

Another article about Community Benefit

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