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2nd December 2015 - Here is an epitaph for Talladh a Bheithe wind farm by Kepp Rannoch Wild.  This reflects on key lessons we learned along the way and hope that it may help other communities who find themselves in a similar situation.

30th October 2015 - At long last a decision has been made by Scottish Ministers to reject the application for Talladh-a-Bheithe wind farm as not competent. It was noted that the application was received on 23 June 2014 but Talladh-A-Bheithe Wind Farm Limited was not registered as a company until 28 August that year.
Here is the letter sent to the applicant, the application is now showing as 'withdrawn'  on the Energy Consents Unit website and the case is closed.
The Keep Rannoch Wild opposition group would like to thank everyone for their support and hope that information on this website can help other communities who may find themselves in a similar situation.

12th May 2015 -
Here is the latest briefing document.  There is no news to report, the application is still open although the applicant as yet hasn't submitted any further information, we hope to have more news in the next couple of weeks.

2nd December 2014 - The applicant has now asked Perth and Kinross Council to allow him to submit supplementary material by the end of February 2015 in an attempt to address the many criticisms of the project. 
See the Keep Rannoch Wild briefing here.

20th November 2014 - The TGO Award 'Best Outdoor Campaigner of the Year' was won by The John Muir Trust, huge congratulations to them, thank you to everyone who voted for Keep Rannoch Wild.

4th November 2014 - Keep Rannoch Wild has been nominated for 'Best Outdoor Campaigner of the Year' in the The Great Outdoors 2014 awards.

17th October 2014 - The reality of Community Consultation 

3rd October 2014 - The latest briefing document from Keep Rannoch Wild can be viewed

1st October 2014 - Mountaineering Council of Scotland have issued a report on the Parliamentary Debate about Talladh-a-Bheithe wind farm, there is a link to the full debate at the bottom of the report 

19th September 2014 - Scottish Natural Heritage have placed an objection to this scheme.
PDF of objection letter.

30th August 2014 - Keep Rannoch Wild have produced a Briefing and Analysis document of the up-to-date position
Click Here to view PDF of document.

29th August 2014 - Cairngorms National Park Authority have confirmed that the recommendation by their planning officers to object has been accepted and a formal objection will be made.  Here is
PDF of Planners recommendation and PDF of Appendix 1 and PDF of Appendix 2

25th August 2014 - The Scottish Wildlife Trust have placed an objection.  Here is a link to their
objection letter.

22nd August 2014 - John Muir Trust have submitted their objection.
PDF of Objection Letter.    PDF of Appendix 1.    PDF of Appendix 2.

22nd August 2014 - Murdo Fraser's parliamentary motion about Talladh-a-Bheithe wind farm is to be debated at the Scottish Parliament on 30th September. Likely start time is 5pm and should last about 40 minutes. 

22nd August 2014 -
A similar application to Talladh a Bheithe has just been refused consent on the grounds of landscape and ‘wild land’ even though not all of that site was within the SNH mapped area.  We believe that the case against TaB on ‘wild land’ grounds is much stronger than Glenmorie, and there are further and more pressing objections in respect of eagle habitats and other matters.  Hopefully, Eventus will see the writing on the wall and stop wasting its money in pursuing this unwelcome and speculative application. See the Scottish Government News Page

18th August 2014 - SEPA have placed an objection to this scheme,
here is a PDF of their objection letter.

14th August 2014 - 'Wild and Wonderful Rannoch' photographic competition launched.  £500.00 first prize, see Photo Competition page for details

12th August 2014 - An independent analysis by a respected economist shows that the claimed benefits of this scheme to Rannoch are greatly overstated by the applicant whilst the real costs are ignored.  The net effect on the Rannoch economy would actually be strongly negative.
Link to full assessment

10th August 2014 - Please email your MSPs' if you live in Scotland asking for support to Murdo Fraser's Parliamentary motion. 
Details on MCofS News Page HERE
More about this on John Muir Trust Website

4th August 2014 - Scottish Wild Land Group have submitted an objection
see their
campaign page

31st July 2014 - Keep Rannoch Wild have submitted a formal objection
PDF of Objection Document     PDF of Appendix A Site Too Far

31st July 2014 - RSPB have announced that they are objecting to this scheme
PDF of RSPB objection letter.

29th July 2014 - Alan Sloman has done a wonderful blog -
Here is the link

23rd July 2014 - The John Muir Trust have launched their
campaign page.2014 

21st July 2014 - The North East Mountain Trust have submitted an objection to this proposal.
See their News Page

16th July 2014 - The Ramblers Association have submitted their objection, details can be found on their
news page with a link to their objection letter.

9th July 2014 - The Mountaineering Council of Scotland have announced their oppositon to this development see their
Talladh-a-Bheithe Wind Farm Campaign

6th July 2014 - Thank you to everyone who has submitted an objection, please keep them coming.  Several people have sent copies of their objections to Keep Rannoch Wild, we are extremely impressed with the quality of these objections.  Here is just one example sent by a family in the Netherlands in

30th June 2014 - The John Muir Trust have announced their opposition to the scheme see their latest
e-newsletter here.

26th June 2014 - Keep Rannoch Wild has produced
A Site Too Far which will form part of our formal objection.  Everyone is encouraged to submit individual objections.

23rd June 2014 - The developers have submitted the planning application.  We will be studying this over the next few days.  The website will be updated as soon as possible.

23rd June 2014 - Great news!  Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has published the updated maps of Wild Land. The Talladh-a-Bheithe site is retained within area 14.  Follow this link to the SNH website to view the

Here are links to some useful documents:

  • the Final Scoping Opinion report giving details of the Talladh-a-Bheithe proposal and comments from all the consultees.
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