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P & K Local Dev Plan

The main relevant sections from the Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan are detailed below. If you wish to download the whole document, follow this link to the Perth and Kinross Council website.

Policy ER1A - New Proposals, Renewable and low carbon Energy Generation

Proposals for the utilisation, distribution and development of renewable and low carbon sources of energy will be supported subject to the following factors being taken into account:

(a) The individual or cumulative effects on biodiversity, landscape character, visual integrity, the
historic environment, cultural heritage, tranquil qualities, wildness qualities, water resources, aviation, telecommunications and the residential amenity of the surrounding area.

(d) The transport implications, and in particular the scale and nature of traffic likely to be generated, and its implications for site access, road capacity, road safety, and the environment generally.

(f) The effects on carbon-rich soils.

(g) Any positive or negative effects they may have on the local or Perth & Kinross economy including tourism and recreation interests either individually or cumulatively.

Policy ER6 - Managing Future Landscape Change to Conserve and Enhance the Diversity and Quality of the Area’s Landscapes

Development and land use should be compatible with the distinctive characteristics and features of Perth and Kinross’s landscapes.  Accordingly, development proposals will be supported where they do not conflict with the aim of maintaining and enhancing the landscape qualities of Perth and Kinross.  They will need to demonstrate that either in the case of individual developments, or when cumulatively considered alongside other existing or proposed developments:

a) They do not erode local distinctiveness, diversity and quality of Perth and Kinross’s landscape character areas, the historic and cultural dimension of the area’s landscapes, visual and scenic qualities of the landscape, or the quality of the landscape experience;

b) they safeguard views, viewpoints and landmarks from development that would detract from their visual integrity, identity or scenic quality;

c) they safeguard the tranquil qualities of the area’s landscapes;

d) they safeguard the relative wildness of the area’s landscapes;

e) they provide high quality standards in landscape design, including landscape enhancement and mitigation schemes when there is an associated impact on a landscape’s qualities;

f) they incorporate measures for protecting and enhancing the ecological, geological, geomorphological, archaeological,  historic, cultural and visual amenity elements of the landscape;

g) they conserve the experience of the night sky in less developed areas of Perth and Kinross through design solutions with low light impact.


Until it is possible to assess the acceptability of development proposals against Perth and Kinross-wide  Supplementary Guidance on Landscape, priority will be given to safeguarding and enhancing the landscape of National Scenic Areas. The Tayside Landscape Character Assessment will be used for assessing development proposals, along with other material considerations.

Policy NE3: Biodiversity

The Council will seek to protect and enhance all wildlife and wildlife habitats, whether formally designated/protected or not, taking into account the ecosystems and natural processes in the area.

Policy NE1B: National Designations

Development which would affect a National Park, National Scenic Area, Site of Special Scientific Interest or National Nature Reserve, will only be permitted where the Council as Planning Authority is satisfied that:

(a) the proposed development will not adversely affect the integrity of the area or the qualities for which it has been designated;
(b) any such adverse effects are clearly outweighed by social, environmental or economic benefits of national importance.

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